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The complete feed for your growing baby.
(Also used for growing halter babies.)

The peak performance horse feed for working and competition.

The versatile horse feed for most adults.

The best feed for foundered horses.

The advanced horse feed for older adults and revitalization.

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With experience raising horses, cattle, hogs, and ducks, feed sales was an obvious career choice for Laura Macke. While working as a feed sales person in the 1990's Laura gained knowledge and experience.

Because of her love for horses and her hands on experience as a cattle and hog producer, to Laura, selling feed that provided quality nutrition became a matter of conscience.

As a sales person Laura came to the realization that the goals of feed companies were not always aligned with her ideals of providing the very best for the animals and their owners. She learned that quoted percentages on a tag did not necessarily indicate the digestibility of the ingredients or absorbability of the nutritional content "Crude Protein", "Crude Fiber", and "Crude Fat" meant that ingredients and quality could vary batch to batch. Consequently she learned that the source of and processing of each individual ingredient, especially chemical additives, could produce a benefit or a health threat to the animal.

In 1999, Laura employed her knowledge, experience, and love for horses to start
EqFeeds. Her belief that many horse owners shared her passion proved true as EqFeeds immediately gained acceptance in her local market. Because she was both manufacturer and retailers she was able to maintain high quality at an attractive retail price. Though commodity prices continue to move all over the board, she has never compromised quality. Her mission was then and is today to provide the finest nutrition available.

Laura has continually reviewed and evaluated her product formulas as equine science grows its knowledge base. In 2004 she became acquainted with
a well known professor of Veterinary Science. Laura submitted her formulas to the professor, for his review and opinion. At his recommendation the formulas were "fine tuned" and a natural mineral sea salt and montmorillanite clay were added to all

Our formulas are locked. Our quality is consistent. Not only does each tag show the same nutritional analysis but each bag contains the same quality ingredients, batch after batch. No substitutions, no compromising. We are confident that any side-by-side comparison with any other feed will prove the quality of our product line.  Try
EqFeeds and see the results in your horses.

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